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Project Description
Simplified variant of "GetOpt" and "Glob" for C# programs. The goal is to get just enough functionality with minimal effort so I can focus on the tool.


ExampleTool -l|--list [-t|--type d|f] [-d] <files>
List <files>.
-t|--type: d: directories only; f: files only. Default is all.
-d, --debug: Show debugging info.
Version: 01.01.0102.0


Version history:

- Refactor globbing.
- Added .AddFlag and .File to better support flags.
- Show the option that is incorrect.

- Initial release.


This program is a starting point for command line utilities written in C#.

- Accept single character options starting with dash.
- Allow multiple single character options to be passed with a single dash.
- Accept long options with double dash.
- Options can have one or more parameters.
- Options can appear in any order.
- Options can appear multiple times.
- Allow wild card matching of multiple files in multiple directories.

- Accept slashes instead of dashes.
- A universal or highly abstract solution for parsing command lines.

  • If you pass -d it will show the full strack trace when an exception occurs.
  • Otherwise, it will just show the exception message.
  • In the Debugger it it will prompt before exiting.
  • Directory wildcards are not currently supported when globbing.
  • I often use XARGS.EXE and FIND.EXE (hint, rename to FINDU.EXE to avoid
collision with built-in FIND) in conjunction to build very long lists
of files, e.g., findu -type f . | xargs ExampleTool -l.
See for the tools.


ExampleTool -l C:\Windows\* C:\Windows\System32\*
-> List all the files and subdirectories in the two directories.

ExampleTool --list --type d C:\Windows\* C:\Windows\System32\*
-> List all the subdirectories in the two directories.

ExampleTool -l C:\?\*
-> Shows an exception message because directory wildcards are not supported.

ExampleTool -d --list C:\?\*
-> Shows the full stack trace of the exception.


Please provide feedback to improve the design.

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